Born in 1994 in Groningen, I grew up on a big farm, we had some animals for fun, some donkeys, a horse, chickens, lots of cats, and a few dogs.

Because I don’t have any brothers or sisters and my parents weren’t very strict.

I had lots of room to do weird stuff and develop myself without being judged or corrected by others.

Movies, comic books and television inspired me to draw, dress up and make stuff.

Around the beginning of secondary school I started making videos with a friend from primary school.

My parents bought me a DV tape-camera and I downloaded new video editting software trials every 30 days to put them together.

Secondary school was a terrible, I got up around 6 to put up my mohawk, and cycled 30 kilometers everyday for 5 years.

I almost never did any homework and skipped class a lot. I got my diploma though, barely.

After secondary school I started my Audio/Video education in Groningen.

I made some cool friends and learned a lot about technical and visual stuff. One of my teachers brought a video mixer to class one day, and show us how to make “video feedback”

This is where my interest in old school videogear started developing.

A Tim and Eric inspired tv show we made.

Around the time of my “autonomous” internship, things got a little crazy.

Crazy as in, psychotic.

Some of my digital glitch-art got featured at a glitch-art exposition in San Francisco. I started acting manic and delusional, thinking this was my break, I was going to be a big and rich artist!

I also bought my first Hi8 handycam around this time, and a friend gave me a video titler and a mixer he got from his grandpa.I started filming a lot more with this camera, and I used the titler to put swearwords on still images of amateur tapes I found in second hand stores.

After getting to know some people that liked my art and wanted to collaborate, I started doing performances and live video setups.

Working on my setup at a Performance in Den Hague
Testing a monitor at a festival called “Vogelpop”
Live visuals at an art gallery in Almere called KAF Expo.
Live visuals for silent disco concert by FOSTER KITTEN.
Loes Kort made a short video about me and my work, it’s Dutch but I’ve heard people who don’t speak Dutch also enjoyed it so check it out!